QQSuper99 Review

QQSuper99 is a slot gambling website where you can enjoy the different types of games. The company is based in Indonesia. You can play the game on the computer and smartphones, both on Android and Apple phones.

Different Deposit Methods

They are proud to declare themselves as the cheapest credit deposit in the market. They have different kinds of deposits system available for their players like credit card deposits, slot deposit pulsa, Paypal, e-deposits, and even bank deposits like BNI, BRI, BCA, CIMB, Mandiri, Permata, etc. 

High RTP

QQSuper99 claimed to have 99.99% RTP, which means players winning are more comfortable than other casinos. 

Minimum 15000 Credit Deposits

QQSuper99, unlike others, their minimum deposits is 15000; many players wouldn't like this, especially newbies, as they might not want to cash out such an amount initially when there are 5000 and 10000 deposits available in different online casinos

Their concept is that a higher amount will give better chances of winning in slot games. You'll be able to play more qqslot games and hence more chances of winning compared to the lesser deposit of 5k and 10k, respectively. 

Bonus Promotion 

QQSuper99 offers fascinating bonuses to their members on depositing. Members who deposits can get a 200% bonus, 100% welcome bonus, 10-12% reload bonus and even weekly incentives for members.

Different Types of games

Apart from the slot online, they offer many other games like Sports, Casino, Fish, Lottery, Poker, etc.

Mobile App Availability

In today's time, most people spend their time on mobile phones, and for every business to succeed quickly, they need their presence on the mobile, which can be done via mobile app. 

QQSuper99 has their slot pulsa in the mobile app, which you can download from the Apple and Google play store, sign up for free and start playing the free slot games if available and then later upgrade by depositing, which will immediately make you a VIP member also. 

Visit the Official website of QQSuper99, explore the different games they have to offer to their users, various payment methods convenient for you, explore the app, previous users testimonials, and check for people's reviews. And yes, install the app, register, and enjoy the slot games at QQSuper99.